Tamir Shefer

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Tamir Shefer

Tamir Shefer was born in San Francisco, California in l963


Individual Exhibitions

1996                Comics by the Bit - The Cartoon Art Museum - San Francisco,CA, USA

2004                City Mouse - Art Work, Gallery on the cliff, Natanya, Israel

2006                Tamir Shefer - Artwork, Sheraton City Tower Hotel, Tel Aviv, Israel

2007                   "The City Mouse" Tamir Shefer - Art Work,

 "Omanut La'am", traveling exhibition  

  Location Shown:

2004-               Kibbutz Yifat

2004-               Pardes Kaz

2004-               Nazrat Elit

2004-               Rehoboth, Bekor levi School

2005-               Tiberia

2005-               Bet Shean, Kameron

2005-               Gan Yavne

2005-               Arad Art Museum

2006-               Pardes Kaz

Group Exhibitions

2002                "Video Zone" - Israel Center for Digital Art, Holon, Israel

2002                "Here and Now" - Israel Center for Digital Art, Holon, Israel

2002                "Kent Explora" - Digital Art, Kalesher Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel

2004                "Masks" - Ashdod Art Museum, Ashdod, Israel

2004                "Masks" - High Touch, Herzliya, Israel

2006-2005       "High Touch" Herzliya, Israel

2007                "Woman’s Purse" - Art Work Raanana Gallery, Israel

2007                "Cumming Soon" – Vitrina Gallery, H.I.T., Holon Institute of      

                          Technology, Holon, Israel