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The first impression on discovering Alban’s art is usually that of

surprise. These old rusty pieces of metal are actually faked – they

are combined sculptures and paintings that have been constructed

by the artist out of wood, plaster and resin. They look heavy, but

are in fact very light.

Alban takes his inspiration from aircraft wrecks and industrial

machinery, but the scale is distorted, colours are magnified and

the subject itself is often invented. His work incorporates iconic

representations of various cultures through the use of flags,

symbols and language, thus creating something that, although it

never really existed, can still resonate with our memories and

imagination. Like artists from the Hyperrealism movement, Alban

is playing with illusions and the notion that the real and the

reproduced have often become dangerously interchangeable in our

image-saturated age.

Alban was born in 1967 in Nantes. He lives and works in Paris. He

is graduated from the prestigious Ecole des Gobelins art school in

Paris with a degree in graphic design and a degree in animated

movies. Alban has worked as a set designer for the cinema

industry. His art has been permanently exhibited in art galleries in

Paris for several years