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I became a professionalphotographer on 2004.

I am agreat lover of the landscape, both urban and natural, and this  is the format in which I feel more comfortable to express myself artistically.

My influencesare obviously many, especially the documentary photography of Joan Colom, Xavier Miserachs and Catala - Roca, as well as the study of the movement of Manel Esclusa, or the great Chema Madoz.

I am interested inthe general Japanese minimalist landscaping and minimalism of authors like Fabrice Silly, Hengki Koentjoro or Michael Levin.

Because of my past experience as a photojournalist, my pictures always seem to breathe some air of criticism and social criticism, but mostly what interests me is to emphasize individualism in mass society, the man in pure, natural.

I want the viewer to value my work not only on the  aesthetic beauty of the landscapes, but go further and reflect on the value of individuality and  the integration of man with the environment.



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