The exhibition will consist of 9 emerging and mid career artists from around the world (Belgium, Germany, Israel, Colombia, USA, Venezuela) paying tribute the great masters of modern and contemporary artists like Magritte, Klimt, Basquiat, Kusama, Wool, Vitali and more.

Some of the works were intentionally made as Homage and some are homages in the eye of the viewer.

The idea behind the exhibition was to, first pay tribute to some of the most important artists of the 20`s century, and to explore the different views of how contemporary artists translate, in there own language, the original works of the masters. One of the artists for example, Nicole Furman, takes real people, paints on them, makes a background installation and takes a photo of the all scene. The final work his her translation for the original work.

Another example is the work of the aerial photographer Klaus Leidorf who was not intented to make a homage to Massimo Vitaly, but was very much influenced by him and in the eye of the viewer it looks as though it was intentionally was created as a homage to Vitaly.

The exhibition will consist of different mediums as photography, sculpture and paintings and will be exhibited in Contempop Gallery in Tribeca.

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