Zohar Ron

Zohar Ron

Zohar Ron is a multi-talented photographer and director 

Artist as way of living whose world journeys and cultural exploration are at the heart of his creative enterprise. 

From the intimate depths of Israel; to the glaciers of Scandinavia to the deserts of Morocco and Egypt; 

from the steppes of Mongolia to the sandy plains of Senegal, 

Zohar Ron gathers artistic elements, experiences and inspirations that become realized in his extensive body of work.


Through his intimate appreciation of nature and the spirit of the individual, Ron’s work explores notions of feral beauty, the spirit as whole, ancient archetypes and contemporary viewpoints. His crafted images suspend the viewer in time and space, offering a moment of quiet contemplation and a discursive break from the speed and flux of modern life.A fundamental aspect to Ron’s work is his drive to highlight communities and human landscapes around the world,  


2011           participation in group exhibition of Contempop  Expressions. in The AAF London

2011          participation in group exhibition of Contempop  Expressions.  in The AAF, Brussels. Belgium. 

2011           "The Land of the Dancing Trees".  Solo Exhibition:  wild community Life in the Jungles of Senegal - Africa .

                   Collectoeco Gallery Bazra Israel

2010          "Forest people"SOLO exhibition  from  rejuvenated  Community Life  in  Costa Rica,  AmericaCinematheque  Tel Aviv  Israel

2009          "Black Box Gallery"  -   solo exhibition  Mandarin Gallery Hertzelia   Israel.

 2008         "The Land of the Dancing Trees". -  SOLO Exhibition from wild community Life in the Jungles of Senegal - Africa. 

                   Cinematheque  Tel Aviv  Israel

2007           Premiere  Projection of  the Video Art  "Inta Omri"  by the Director  Of  Photography  Zohar Ron .

                   a visual  journey filmed in Egypt ,Morocco , Turkey & Israel .on the soundtrack of the Immortal musical creation - INTA  OMRI.