Tom Assa

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Tom Assa

Tom Assa, a Tel Aviv-based artist born in 1994, has dedicated years to refining his distinctive artistic style, aiming to establish a unique connection between geometric forms and the vitality of the natural world.

The beginning of his exploration into shapes can be traced back to a profound moment of loss—an intimate friend who was a master of geometric artistry. This experience served as the catalyst for a transformative journey, one that compelled him to seek a more physicals connection with materials.

Wood, strings, nails, and a repertoire of shapes—spirals, waves, animalistic visages, and the human form—each discovered in distinct life moments, lie at the core of his creative expression.

For Assa, strings represent the path of his life, while nails symbolize the milestones that ignite his creative momentum.

"Come to the vast horizon painted in disappearing rainbow hues.

Follow the waves of voices, heard in a gentle caressing echo.

Walk to what you desire,

to what soothes the feeling.

Come to where the earth opens up,

Join your senses."