Aldara Ortega


Aldara Ortega's photography  explores the gradual opening of dialogue between formal subjects and an underwater world. Her images invite the viewer to decipher the unique and slow-moving  manner with which water can  enhance, disturband elevate a moment intime.

A native of Spain, Ortega has morphed her degree in fashion desing, fromMadrid’s Fashion Design Superior Center (CSDDM) and her experience as an international model into a fine artphotographer.

Through underwater photography, Aldara has found a means to express thebeauty, freedom,and joy we experience when elements such as water, light, and shadow interplay with the human body. The result is a series of  images that seem almost like paintings, each weaving colors into the dream-like liberation ofbeing underwater. Her photography aims to capture the essence of the underwaterworld, and  submerges us in her vision that accentuates the simultaneously refracting and reflecting tendencies of water as it veers towardsabstraction.

For her current investigations focusing on water, her creative process involves the manipulation of the interplay between light and shadows, water and form, to create specific patterns of refracted light. Refractions, Reflections, Liquid Desert, and Agua Viva each take on a specific theme. This four-part series forms the exploration of light on underwater bodies to the simulation of a submerged desert land scape to the emulation of textiles coming to life as an extension of the female form.

Artist Statement

The main focus of my art has been to express the beauty of unfettered free domand joyIexperience while being in water.Through my artwork, Iaimtogive visual form to this magical light-infused world where muted sound, sense of weightlessness, and mesmerizing light take me to an energized meditative state.


-Index Dubai, International Design Exhibition, May 2015, United ArabEmirates.

-Liquid Project, solo exhibition, October 15 2014, New York,NY.

-Group Show  Art is Life and Life is Art, January 21 2014, New York,NY.

-Group Show ManHATan/MADhattan,  December 19 of 2013, New York,NY.

-Liquid Desert, solo exhibition, Casa Mezcal, 86 Orchard St., New York,NY.

-Group Show 20 Bond, September 26 of 2013, 20 Bond st, New York,NY.

-Exhibition for Majestic Creations,  February 25 of 2013, New York,NY.

-Refractions,solo exhibition, December 2012, Miami.

-Motion online exhibition, November 2012, LinusGallery.

-Bits an Pices, November 19 2012, Linus Gallery, Pasadena,California.

-Water’s Edge online exhibition, September 2012, LinusGallery.

-Group show Location 05, August 27 of 2012, New York,NY.

-ExhibitioninZeal,July24of  2012,  6F  Bund  22  Zhongshan  Dong  Er Lu,Shanghai.

-Exhibition for MOD'ART International, July 1  2012, Shanghai International Fashion Center, 2866 Yangshupu Lu (Zhoujiazui Lu 杨树浦路2866,近周家嘴 路),Shanghai.

-Annual Wagmag exhibition, 2012, The Boiler Gallery, Williansburg,NY.

-Summer group show, 2012, Lazypoint, Amagansett,NY.

-Exhibition Quartier Salon, 2012, Brooklyn,NY.

-Group exhibition, 20 Bond, 2009, New York,N