Roberto Lucchetta

Roberto Lucchetta

Roberto Lucchetta was born in 1969 in Treviso, Italy.

He began his artistic formation as self-taught man and he graduated from a Technical School.

The great passion for art has supported him to undertake his artistic future. 

He met several artists and he frequently visited their ateliers. 

They introduced him to a state of perceptive instability that produces optic illusions, typically of movement.

Influenced by the great masters of the opt art movement like Vasarely and Tomasello, be began developing his own unique technique.

His pieces are delicately hand painted with a pen over cardboard.

With his unique style and technique, Roberto transfers movement to his art works, making his individual lines connect and create abstract figures.


Selected shows and art fair:

  • Kunstart Bolzan 2007, Italy
  • Bergamo Arte Fiera 2008, Italy
  • Art Parma 2008, Italy
  • Art Genova 2009, Italy
  • Arte Pordenone 2010, Italy
  • Art Padova 2011, Italy
  • Arte Cremona 2012, Italy
  • Scope NY 2018
  • Art NY 2018
  • Market Art and Design, Bridgehampton 2018
  • Context Miami 2018
  • Art Market SF 2019
  • Market Art + Design, Bridgehampton 2019