Ronen Sharabani

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Ronen Sharabani

Ronen Sharabani (b. 1974), live and work in Tel-Aviv, Israel
Sharabani is an internationally, multidisciplinary, prominent Israeli artist working in diverse mediums 

of painting, sculpting and video installations. His art explores ritual, struggle, faith as well as 

cultural, economic and political values as the gateways for a transformational experience. 

Sharabani’s video works and installations blend movement, performance, architecture and light into 

intensely visual and sensory probes which simultaneously take a secular and spiritual form.

Works in the public sphere apprehend a dominant place in Sharabani’s work, as this modus 

operandi permits a clean and unexpected encounter with the viewer; 

This situation bestows allure of freshness enabling a reexamination of the point of view, an aspiration 

evident in each of Sharabani works.