Christina Holdgaard

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Christina Holdgaard

Christina HOLDGAARD, born in Denmark in 1974.

Currently lives and works in Paris.

“I like to think of my creative approach as being playful, fun and lighthearted. I find immense joy in playing with compositions, shifting angles and making the colors do their magic tricks on the canvas. I appreciate a good oversized format with a «larger than life» model. I believe this is the perfect starting point for my spreading out numerous interlocking color blocks across the canvas like pieces of a puzzle. I obtain volume and depth in the composition this way and get the opportunity to play with the idea of sculpture within the two dimensions of the canvas.

I would say that my paintings are executed with what I believe is a typical authentic Scandinavian rigor, probably the inheritance from my Lutheran upbringing in Denmark. In my latest series ART COLLECTORS, the meticulously arranged settings are also a reference to the particular Danish love of interior perfection. This time I have chosen to come full circle and what a dynamic format that is. Art collectors in the shape of dogs, cats, leopards and tigers proudly introduce us to their impressive interiors displaying carefully chosen furniture and celebrated masterpieces. However, something seems to be lurking beneath the surface of the apparent perfection…”

Selected shows:

2019: THE 8th ELEMENT - Van der Plas Gallery, New York.


2018: Espace Culturel Marc Jacquet, Barbizon, France.  

2017: Manoir de Bel Ebat, Fontainebleau, France.

2011: PORTRAIT NOW - National Museum of Denmark.

2010: PUZZLE PAINTINGS - Galerie Art’est, Paris.

2009: INGRES ET LES MODERNES - exhibition organised by The Louvre at       the Ingres Museum, Montauban.

2004: DOGLIFE - Nordisk Galleri, Paris