Noa Havatzelet

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Noa Havatzelet

Born and raised in Tel Aviv

Drawn into the world of colors and painting since childhood, as an expression of emotions and fantasies.

Aesthetics derived from the world of freedom and joy, manifested in vivid colors and clean minimalistic lines. 

“Noa`s paintings are a celebration of colors. Her figurative paintings are minimalistic, contemporary and pop artistic.

In her paintings you can see influences from masters like Alex Katz and David Hockney where she paints a human figure (mainly women) in bright and vivid colors and clean lines, usually in an imaginary landscape. Her subject matters are usually in a state of joy, sitting on the springboard of a pool, floating on a buoy or just laying on the beach. Her minimalist style usually skips faces expressions or faces outlines. Noa is excluding any face expressions in her paintings, letting the surroundings set the mood of the piece”