Henryk Laskowski


Born 1951

1972-77 student of  The Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań. Individual and collective exhibitions in Poland and other countries, among them:

    2019- EMP Gallery, Tokio, Japan

    2019- Robinson’s ship, City Gallery & Museum of Architecture, Wroclaw

    2018- Reality of illusions, U Gallery, Warsaw

    2018- Realism. Two Approaches., BWA Gallery, Bydgoszcz

    2016- finalist of the 25thFestival of Modern Polish Painting, Stettin

    2016- finalist of 2.nd National  L. Wyczółkowski Painting Competition , Bydgoszcz

    2015- Contemporary Polish Art, European Comission Represantation in Finland, Helsinki, Finland

    2015- CDEF Gallery , Olsztyn

    2011- Modern Polish Art, Ratthaus, Stuttgart, Germany

    2010- Galleria Poliedro, Trieste , Italy

    2009- Visible/Invisible, Plock Gallery of Art

    2009- Paris L’obsession, Gallery SD, Warsaw

    2008- Polish surrealists, Gallery SD, Warsaw

    2007- Knock Knock Knocking on Heaven’s door, Składnica Sztuki Gallery , Warsaw

    2003- Warsaw Review of Fine Arts, DAP, Warsaw

    1992- Warsaw’s Decade of Art

    1982- Galerie Atelier 2, Paris, France

    1979- 7. Bienal International del Deporte, Barcelona , Spain

    1975- 3.Biennale Internationale de l’Image, Epinal, France